Eventide MediaWorks Client Software

Advanced Desktop Software for Multi-Channel Replay, Live Monitoring, and Management of Incident Recordings

Eventide MediaWorks desktop software allows you to easily search and replay across multiple recorders, and to re-create and save complex incidents that involve multiple calls. MediaWorks software permits quick call browsing & replay, and includes an advanced two-dimensional graphical timeline view, simultaneous multi-channel replay, spoken date & time announcements, advanced incident recording management features, and much more.

Powerful Search Tools

Simple yet powerful search and filter capabilities enable you to quickly identify desired recordings, or you can locate calls by any individual record parameter, such as channel or call start time. The result set can be sorted by criteria, and search queries can be saved and named for ease of future recall.

Graphical TimeLine View

MediaWorks software's graphical timeline helps you quickly visualize the relationships between multiple recordings that span multiple channels. To help navigate within the graphical timeline, MediaWorks software includes convenient scroll and zoom controls for each axis, as well as an innovative “rubber band” tool for quickly selecting a block of calls. Selected calls can be copied to a separate incident window or tab that has its own graphical timeline, or may be directly exported for use as evidence.

Incident Recording Management

MediaWorks lets you easily organize groups of related calls into saved incidents. Each incident can be managed on a dedicated window (or tab) with its own graphical timeline view – allowing you to manage multiple incidents on the same screen. As additional calls are located, they can be copied via drag & drop into an existing incident, allowing you to build-up the complete set of relevant calls. For ease of future recall, incidents can be saved locally on the user's desktop PC or saved remotely on the source recorder. Saved incidents can be password-protected to prevent unauthorized access and replay.

Protection from Deletion

MediaWorks software allows you to prevent selected recordings (or each recording in an incident) from being automatically deleted from the source recorder; simply select one of the “Protect” menu options. Protection helps assure that critically-important recordings are retained and available for future reference.

Export, Email, or Burn to CD

Authorized users can export an incident's recordings to a variety of file formats, email them as attachments, and/or burn then to CD for evidence or archive purposes. Options include exporting the calls as individual files, as a single file for each timeline grouping (e.g. channel), or as a single file for the complete incident. In addition, the exported content can include a talking time announcement that indicates when the export occurred. The exported data can also include a text file list of all recording files contained in the export. For convenience when performing future export tasks, each user's export settings can be saved as presets.

Portable Incident Replay

MediaWorks software can be installed on a portable laptop for incident replay in the field or in a courtroom. While replaying an incident that was saved as a collection of individual recordings, you can view the matrix of calls on the software's graphical timeline and use the full set of playback controls including pitch-corrected variable speed, skip forward, skip back, mute, AGC, and more.

Desktop Instant Recall

MediaWorks software includes Instant Recall capability with pitch-corrected variable speed replay. The Instant Recall tab provides a real-time visual indication of recording activity on a channel; simply select the top-most call to listen to the current or most recent call. You can also select from a list of recent calls on the permitted channel(s). Authorized users can directly export selected recordings from within the Instant Recall tab.

Multiple-Channel Live Monitoring

MediaWorks software includes multiple-channel live monitoring, allowing you to listen to multiple audio sources at once.

Secure User Access to Recordings

MediaWorks software secures access to recordings based on user names & passwords, in order to protect recordings and related data. Authorized users can view, search, and replay only from those channels for which permission has been granted.

Standard Reports

MediaWorks allows you to view and print a range of standard reports that help to document evidence and measure channel and storage activities. The Call Records Report provides a record of the metadata for each call (or the selected calls) from an active search. This report can be used to accurately document the metadata for recordings that are exported for research or evidence. The Channel Activity Summary Report shows a recorder's channel activity by date range, allowing you to review call count and duration data for each channel. The Daily Statistics Summary Report details the storage and archive activity on a selected recorder, by individual date(s). The Channel Activity Report provides call-count data per selected channel on a recorder, by date range.

Real-Time Monitoring of Recorder Status and Alarms

MediaWorks software includes a Recorder tab that acts as a console for real-time monitoring of archive status and alarms at each connected recorder. New alarms are signaled via a message box and optional audible alert, and can be acknowledged directly from the MediaWorks software. Alarm details include date/time, text description, severity level, and acknowledgement date/time and identity.

Eventide MediaWorks provides an outstanding array of desktop tools for secure replay, instant recall, live monitoring, management of incident recordings, exporting and burning CD's, reporting, alarm notification, and more.

  • Secure user access with passwords protects sensitive recordings
  • Access, search, and replay across multiple recorders simultaneously
  • Access and replay calls from archive media
  • Simple yet powerful search and filter capabilities
  • Search queries can be saved and named for future recall
  • Record view provides allows simple call browsing & replay
  • Playback of individual or multiple calls
  • Grouped playback for synchronized call & screen replay
  • Graphical timeline view helps reproduce multiple call incidents
  • Sequential playback of multiple calls
  • Simultaneous mixed playback of multiple calls on multiple channels
  • Skip silence option during mixed replay
  • Toggle control for playback on/off
  • Skip back and skip forward controls
  • Next recording and previous recording controls
  • Looped playback with graphical position markers
  • Individual volume control for each channel
  • Individual left/right audio panning control for each channel
  • Playback AGC to enhance clarity; selectable for each channel
  • Mute on/off function; selectable for each channel
  • Variable speed playback with pitch correction; adjustable 0% to 200%
  • Text annotation note field for each recording
  • Create CDs or make wave files directly from the application at any time
  • Organize related recordings into named and saved incidents
  • Export an incident's recordings, email as attachments, and/or burn them to CD
  • Save incidents to local desktop PC or to the source recorder
  • Protect individual recordings from deletion
  • Protect all of an incident's recordings from deletion
  • Instant recall lets agents and call takers listen to their current and recent calls
  • Live monitoring of audio and PC screen activity
  • Multiple-channel live monitoring
  • Per-channel enable/disable function for on-demand recording control
  • Real-time alerting of archive status and alarms at each connected recorder
  • MediaWorks reports help to document evidence and measure channel and storage usage
  • Multiple incident tabs and windows help organize incident research projects
  • Ten preset layouts to save user's window and tab configurations

Specifications and features are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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