Eventide MediaAgent Client Software

Eventide MediaAgent instant recall software provides call takers, dispatchers, and agents with instantaneous access to current and recent calls. MediaAgent software also permits live monitoring of channel audio, real-time notification of recorder alerts, and more.

Instant Recall for Call Takers and Dispatchers

MediaAgent software allows instant replay of the current call or the most recent call. You can also select and replay earlier calls that occurred within a defined time window. MediaAgent software can run minimized in the taskbar and will automatically update its call list as new calls occur. Simply double-click the icon in the system tray to restore the application and automatically replay the first call. A complete set of audio controls is included, including pitch-corrected variable speed replay.

Multiple Preset Tabs

MediaAgent software permits you to create multiple Instant Recall tabs, each of which is a preset providing instant access to a particular channel or channel group. Simply switch between tabs to listen to important channels and/or channel groups.

Configurable Time Range

The time window for which calls are available is adjustable (in hours and minutes) for each Instant Recall tab, and can be further limited for security purposes by the system administrator. In addition, a maximum records parameter can be set to further limit access if desired.

Protect Calls from Deletion

MediaAgent software allows you to protect selected recordings from being automatically deleted; simply select one or more recordings, then right-click and select the "Protect" menu option. The protection feature helps assure that critically-important recordings are retained and available for future reference.

Annotate Recordings

MediaAgent allows you to text-annotate individual calls in a "Notes" field. Call takers and dispatchers can use this feature to tag recordings with incident notes or other call-related data.

Export Directly from the Application

Authorized users can export selected recordings to .wav files. The exported files are saved to a user-specified desktop folder, and can be used as email attachments.

Multi-Channel Live Monitoring

MediaAgent software includes live monitoring capability via the Channels tab. You can simultaneously listen to current activity on any number of authorized channels, or use the available "Scan" function.

Secure User Access to Recordings

MediaAgent software secures access to recordings based on user names & passwords, in order to protect recordings and related data. Authorized users can view, search, and replay only from those channels for which permission has been granted.

Real-Time Monitoring of Recorder Alarms and Status

MediaAgent software includes a Recorder tab that acts as a console for real-time monitoring of alarms and archive device status at each connected recorder. New alarms can be signaled via a message box and optional audible alert, and can be acknowledged directly from the MediaAgent software.

  • MediaAgent software provides Eventide recorder users with secure instant recall, live monitoring, call exporting, alarm notification, and more.
  • Instant recall lets agents and call takers listen to their current call and recent calls, across multiple recorders simultaneously
  • Runs minimized in the taskbar and automatically updates its call list as new calls occur
  • Secure user access with password protects sensitive recordings and data
  • Visual indication (via red color) of calls currently being recorded
  • Configurable time range for Instant Recall
  • Multiple Instant Recall preset tabs permit quick access to a channel or channel group
  • Protect selected recordings from deletion
  • Export recordings to .wav file directly from MediaAgent application
  • Text annotation "Notes" field for each recording
  • Multiple-channel live monitoring
  • Toggle control for playback on/off
  • Skip back, skip forward controls
  • Next recording, previous recording controls
  • Loop playback
  • Variable speed playback with pitch correction; adjustable from 0% to 200%
  • Slider control for re-positioning playback
  • Per-channel enable/disable function for on-demand recording control
  • Real-time alerting of archive device status and alarms at each connected recorder

Specifications and features are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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